Yahoo! Import Auctions

Direct Imported Japan offer direct buying solutions from Yahoo! auctions. We can bid on your behalf, ask questions and request more information -- including photos, accident history, etc. Please find below links to Yahoo! auctions, if you would like Buy Import Cars Through Yahoo! Auctions to request another vehicle to be added to the links please contact us via the contact page and we will be happy to add it. Please email us on to request further information on any vehicles you have interest in and include the original Yahoo! link with your question.

Yahoo! buying is strictly for deposit holders with us, so if you sign up and pay the deposit we are happy to work Yahoo! auctions on your behalf. Due to the nature of Yahoo! auctions, as most Australian buyers are aware of a similar site, eBay, there are certain limitations on how accurate the information is that we are supplied from the seller. But in most cases we are dealing with used car dealers and very few private sellers. In most auctions if we achieve a winning bid we will always make sure we have a copy of all the required documents prior to final payment from our company in Japan. Please consider all the risks and buying charges involved, on the upside there will always be something there that will interest you as a buyer, some of those hard to find cars that never arrive at Motor Auction Houses in Japan.

Cost of the vehicle at auction final buy price + the following charges for buying from sellers internally with in Japan.

GST in Japan 5.

Recycle fee approx 15,000yen.

Direct Imported FOB charge 90,000yen FOB = full on board ship cost.

Transportation to out docks in Kobe 10,000yen to 60,000yen depending on vehicle location.

Total = Car cost + 5% GST + Recycle fee + 90,000yen Fob + Transportation.

Basic of yahoo auctions is very difficult to Navigate for beginers with no japanese skills so it is recomended you install Google tool bar to help with instant translation into English.